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Reviews, surveys, and UGC for your ecommerce store — all in one simple platform.

Collect real customer stories to drive sales

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Capture real reviews and stories from your customers

There’s no better marketing than word-of-mouth. That’s why we built RaveCapture.

It’s a powerful tool that gives a megaphone to your biggest fans, allowing them to share their experiences with your products.

By re-engaging your customer base with RaveCapture, you’ll collect endless stories of your quality and craftsmanship.

Collect More Reviews and UGC with RaveCapture

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Send Surveys to Collect Reviews and Customer Stories

Integrate with your eCommerce platform and automatically send branded surveys to collect photos, videos, product feedback, NPS, fit ratings, and more.

Capture Customer Photos and Videos (UGC) Automatically

Capture genuine photos and videos from actual customers using your products in the wild. Send your requests to customers after their first order, schedule follow-up surveys weeks/months after their purchase, or send manually.

Collect customer photos and videos
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Showcase UGC, Ratings, and Reviews on Your Website

Convert more website visitors with photos and videos that show your product being used in real life by actual customers. Websites with this kind of customer content see up to 29% more conversions.

How RaveCapture Works

1. Send Review Requests and Experience Surveys to Your Customers

2. Capture Customer Stories, Product Reviews, and UGC

3. Showcase Your Stories, Reviews, and UGC on Your Website & Socials

Grow your business with happy customer experiences

Use customer photos, videos, and product ratings to strengthen your marketing efforts and build consumer trust at key moments of the digital journey.

Improve Google Shopping ad performance by 24% by adding product reviews and star ratings

Enhance your SEO efforts and exposure with keyword optimized product review content

Show off your raving fans with easy to use widgets, shoppable galleries, and more

grow your business with customer content


Customer Photos Collected

GUNNER has built a passionate customers base who love showing off man’s best friend in world’s best dog crate.


Experience Survey Responses

Air Plant Shop has transformed from a small family-owned business to one of the largest providers of tillandsia air plants in the United States.


in sales generated

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Nameless Performance has built a 7-figure brand by taking the fight to the knock off automotive parts industry.

We ❤️ our RaveCapture merchants

Heartstone Farms raving fan testimonial

RaveCapture has helped us highlight more customer experiences than we had anticipated. And the customer service is always quick and helpful.

Farmer Dan

Heartstone Farms

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Enterprise features. Fair Pricing.

RaveCapture is designed to support businesses of all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of SKUs? Global presence? We can handle it and it won’t break the bank. We serve hundreds of eCommerce businesses and agencies across multiple industries including Outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Firearms, Automotive, Clothing, and Home & Garden.

Priority Support

No matter your use case, order volume, or team size — we offer custom support and solutions tailored to your business.

Multi-Store Syndication

We specialize in supporting businesses with the unique challenges of managing a multi-store ecommerce business.

Variable Pricing

Get the absolute best price for your use case and order volume. Get access to everything you need and pay for nothing you don’t want.

Agencies love using RaveCapture with their eCommerce clients

Have a brand that needs more social proof, customer content, and reviews? Take advantage of our Partner Program and get rewarded for every client that joins RaveCapture.

We take pride in our customer support

Our support isn’t what you’re used to. You’ll never get the runaround from us and you’ll always get the opportunity to talk to a real person. We promise a fast response time and truly personalized help.

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