Capitalizing on Your Business’s Reviews: 3 Question Types to Get Better Reviews

Feb 6, 2023 | Collect, eCommerce

It’s no secret that customer reviews play a pivotal role in influencing shopper decisions. In reality, nearly all customers consult their peers’ opinions before they commit to a purchase – an amazing 90%! This highlights the importance of collecting customer feedback and leveraging it for business success.

Let’s talk 3 question types to get better reviews

Yeah, yeah I know we preach this a lot, but IT’S SO IMPORTANT we don’t want you to miss it. So, jumping into this article, let’s first explore two type of reviews; Company (or Site) Reviews and Product Reviews.

Company (Site) Reviews vs. Product Reviews

Company Reviews

Gathering a mix of reviews, both for your company and individual products, is essential for social proof. Company reviews center around the entire experience customers had with the business, such as whether they would recommend you to a friend or not. This type of review is typically used by service-based businesses, but eCommerce companies can benefit from them too.

Having a good selection of these types of reviews conveys that you offer an enjoyable shopping journey. As we all know, first impressions are very important; it could be the difference between a customer shopping first with you or a competitor.

Product Reviews

On the other hand, product reviews are even more essential than Company Reviews for eCommerce businesses. When a customer lands on your site, having a healthy number of reviews to show will automatically show your businesses products have credibility. The first step was getting them in the door, now you have to prove yourself.

Without going into all of the benefits of Product reviews, here are a few heavy hitters:

  • Rich Snippets on Google
  • SEO benefits
  • Showing off how customers love your products
  • etc…

What are Custom Review Questions?

You’ve got the basics down, but what about reviews that really hit home? I’m talking about those kinds of reviews that are incredibly informative and helpful during your online shopping journey.

Let’s refer to these reviews as custom reviews, prompted by specific question asked in a review request form. Reviews like these can provide you with all the information you need to make a great purchasing decision.

Now then, let’s look into some custom questions. There are three main questions which deal with both product and customer attributes. For instance, they may ask about the customer’s specific experience or how the features of a product worked for that customer.

1. Fit Questions

For companies that sell products that require a good fit, such as apparel or accessories, soliciting feedback on fit can prove advantageous. To get the most out of their review platform, businesses should take advantage of the ability to customize emails and ask specific fit-related queries.

2. Net-Promoter Score

A popular question that many companies ask customers is how likely they would be to suggest their product or service to other people. This highly valuable Net Promoter Score provides a good indication of what future clients can expect before they make their own purchase. It also gives an overall gauge of how the business is perceived.

3. Rating Question

Gaining a better grasp of how a particular product works for customers can be made a lot easier by directly requesting that they rate it. Doing this will not only provide valuable feedback on the product, but also help future buyers in determining whether or not the item is worth their money.

For example, Educator Collars — they use TrustSpot’s custom product questions functionality — utilizes this in a great way. They ask customers how certain parts of their products are working well. See the example below:

Custom Forms from TrustSpot and Educator Collars

TrustSpot’s goal is to help businesses help their customers come to quicker buying decision. When done right, reviews can be a corner stone to a businesses success day after day.

Now, when seeking out customer reviews, ensure that your approach is both moral and tactful. The last thing you want to do is appear overly eager or disingenuous, which can lead to more harm than good for your business.

To gather genuine customer reviews and feedback with ease, TrustSpot’s product review software is an ideal solution. We offer a handy set of features that automate the whole process in a seamless manner while still feeling organic.

Businesses can send follow-up emails to customers after a transaction has been completed, specified by a certain number of days chosen by the business. Such correspondence can be tailored to the company’s products and services, containing questions that help acquire important feedback from consumers; as discussed above.

This information is beneficial in helping make improvements and encouraging customer loyalty. Moreover, it serves as a reliable source of reviews that can be used to enhance the business.

To sum up, customer reviews are an essential factor to success for eCommerce retailers. By employing relevant questions and the correct resources, you can foster a trustworthy reputation, bolster customer dedication, and generate revenue. TrustSpot provides an uncomplicated method of gathering customer reviews and opinions which can be utilized as valuable data to better your business development.


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