Send Net Promoter surveys to current & former customers

TrustSpot makes it easy to obtain your company’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS) with our user-friendly survey tool. You can send NPS surveys in bulk to former customers, or use one of our partner integrations to send NPS surveys to current customers after they place an order. 

Net Promoter Score Tool

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Automatically send NPS surveys to your customers

Send NPS surveys after customer orders

After your customers place an order, TrustSpot will automatically send your customer an NPS survey via email or text message. 

Choose the perfect survey send delay

It might not make sense for your business to send an NPS survey the same day as an online order. That’s why TrustSpot gives you the ability to add delays to your NPS surveys.

For example, you can send your NPS 60 days after a customer order, that way the customer has adequate time to judge your company and service. 

Send Net Promoter surveys to former customers

Need to send NPS surveys to former customers but don’t want to manually send thousands of emails? You have come to the right spot. 

Upload a simple .csv list of your customers and TrustSpot will take care of sending NPS survey to the customers. 

Alert your customer service team to issues

If you receive an especially bad Net Promoter Score from one of your customers (called a detractor), you can alert your team with TrustSpot’s customer service tags. Your team will be immediately notified and can easily find the specific detractor survey in TrustSpot. 

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