Customer Survey Template for Outdoor Brands

Jun 14, 2024 | Reviews and Ratings

As an outdoor brand, your products need to deliver in the wild — whether that’s summiting a peak or just a lazy morning in the backyard. The best way to show that your gear is up to the task? Ask your customers to share their real experiences using it.

This customer survey template, tailor-made for outdoor brands using RaveCapture’s powerful platform, focuses on collecting rich stories and feedback directly from your customers’ outdoor adventures. Let’s dive in!

Product Usage Stories

The heart of the survey delves into how customers actually used your products out in the field. Encourage them to get specific with open-ended prompts like:

  • Describe a recent [fishing/hunting/hiking/etc] adventure you went on while using [product]. What were the conditions like?
  • What were some of the highlights of using [product] on this trip? Describe how it performed.
  • Were there any challenges or issues you faced with [product]? If so, explain what happened.
  • Upload any photos or videos showcasing [product] in action from your adventure!

With RaveCapture’s survey tool, you can customize different sections based on the activity or product.

Post-Experience Reflections

In addition to capturing in-the-moment stories, get customers’ overall impressions looking back:

  • What did you like most about using [product]?
  • How did [product] exceed your expectations? Or fall short of them?
  • For what types of activities would you recommend [product]?

These reflective questions reveal valuable product strengths, weaknesses, and potential positioning adjustments.


Don’t forget to include the essential Net Promoter Score (NPS) question to gauge brand loyalty:

  • How likely are you to recommend [product] to a friend or family member on a scale of 0-10?

You can then segment fans (promoters), passives, and detractors for targeted follow-up.

send NPS surveys to your customers

Encouraging Participation

Even the most thoughtful questions won’t get you far without strong participation. Motivate customers to take time sharing their stories with incentives and reminders like:

  • Offer entry to win great gear or a gift card for completing the survey
  • Make it clear that customer stories directly influence future product designs
  • Send friendly email reminders, personalized with their name
  • Keep it relatively quick (5 mins or less) and mobile-friendly

An authentic, conversational tone strikes the right note and makes it feel more like swapping tales around the campfire.

Analyze & Share Stories

Once you start getting responses, RaveCapture’s dashboard lets you visualize and analyze the data in meaningful ways. You can slice the qualitative and quantitative feedback however you’d like to uncover powerful insights.

But the insights are just the beginning! With a few clicks, you can curate customers’ best photos, videos, and testimonials to display as social proof across your website, socials, ads, and more. Turn those real outdoor stories into serious revenue.

Listen to Your Brand Enthusiasts

As an outdoor brand, your customers’ voices should be your compass for designing killer products that trailblaze new territory. This storytelling-focused customer survey template helps you tap into those valuable insights.

By encouraging customers to open up about their real-life outdoor epics using your gear, you’ll gather the kind of authentic feedback that keeps you steps ahead of the competition. Listen closely to your crew, and they’ll lead you to new heights!