Collect and Display Product Reviews
for your PrestaShop Store

RaveCapture helps you automatically collect product reviews for your PrestaShop store. After you collect your reviews and user generated content, we make it easy to display them on your site. No more hand-typed review requests to your customers! 

Automate product review requests to customers 

Store owners save hundreds of hours a year by automating review requests. With RaveCapture’s emails sequences, you can send your customers polite review request follow-ups, increasing your likelihood of earning product reviews for your PrestaShop store.

Ask product specific questions on your review requests

Send your customers custom, product-specific review questions with RaveCapture’s Custom Product Questions. Customize each request with questions about the specific product like size, fit, quality and ease of use.

Increase your store’s UGC with Experience Collections

Rapidly increase your user-generated-content submissions by sending customized experience collectors to your store’s customers.

PrestaShop RaveCapture
PrestaShop RaveCapture
Create custom displays on your PrestaShop site

Show off your product reviews on your website using YOUR brand, not RaveCapture’s. Each review display is fully customizable.

Publicly respond to customer reviews

Respond to good and bad reviews in public to increase trust. RaveCapture instantly notifies you when you get reviews, so you can reply quickly. 

White glove installation

Don’t lift a finger. The RaveCapture team will install your PrestaShop displays for you. Start collecting and displaying reviews fast!