How GUNNER Kennels Collected 6k Customer Photos with RaveCapture

Nov 17, 2023 | Case Studies

Launched in 2015, GUNNER has built a mountain of social proof from its passionate customers who love showing off man’s best friend in “world’s best dog crate.”


GUNNER Kennels was started in 2015 with a mission to create the world’s best dog crate. Founder, Addison Edmonds, said he always felt uneasy traveling with his dog, Gunner, in a flimsy plastic crate.

He was tired of replacing his dog kennel every year, so he got to work on building a version that could withstand the elements — and in some cases — car accidents.  

As hard as his dog, Gunner, worked in the field. Addison felt that man’s best friend deserved better. But he had a challenge. How would he convince others of the same?


With any new product, showcasing social proof is important. But for an innovative and premium product like GUNNER Kennels, it’s essential. 

You have to convince your target audience that your product is superior to not only your competitors – but to the way things have always been done.

Here’s a few ways GUNNER has overcome these challenges:

  • Rather than relying on text only reviews. GUNNER uses RaveCapture’s experience collector tool to collect customer photos from around the world.
  • In addition to requesting photos from each customer, GUNNER used RaveCapture’s Q&A product survey feature to ask questions about the customer dog’s breed, gender, and their vehicle type. These questions are the same ones inside the minds of other potential GUNNER customers, so having them on the product page is a no brainer.
  • GUNNER also created an innovative “Customer Gallery” on their website using RaveCapture’s experience survey feature. By mapping the answers to product surveys, they enable customers to filter the customer photo gallery based on breed, dog weight, vehicle, and more.

Since GUNNER has started collecting customer experiences with RaveCapture they’ve been able to collect over thousands of genuine photos from customers, build an avalanche of social proof, and fend off cheaply made competitors.


  • GUNNER has an impressive 21% response rate from its experience surveys sent after each dog crate is shipped and received.
  • In the past year the GUNNER team has collected 1,295 customer experiences along with important details like the breed of the customer’s dog, product purchased, vehicle used, and the size of the dog.
  • 6k customer photos collected in the last 12 months with many of them showcased proudly on their custom “Crowdsource Your Fit” customer gallery page.