Capture actual customer experiences, not just reviews

Your products deserve to be shown off, so we make it easy for you to collect & share real customer experiences through photo & video reviews.

Sports & Outdoor Brands

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Sports & Outdoor Brands

Show off your passionate customer base

Text reviews are great. But nothing beats visual content from passionate customers who LOVE your products. Letting your customers “do the selling” for you makes your brand stand out, boosts conversion rates, and is perceived as 3X more trustworthy.

How Gunner Kennels Uses RaveCapture

  • Uses a combination of RaveCapture and Yotpo for collecting visual and text reviews.
  • Embeds a photo gallery showcasing unique customer experiences.
  • Sends a customer survey for each new order 69 days after fulfilled.
  • Asks product specific questions about fit, ease of use, and customer profile questions to share with new customers.


Gunner Kennels product gallery widget with a customer review survey

home & garden Brands

Celebrate your customers’ style

Brands who feature visual content from customers on their product pages convert 26% more than brands who don’t. Selling products that create on-going experiences for customers, like stylish plants and home decor, gives you an opportunity to collect those experiences, outside of just an initial purchase.

How Air Plant Shop Uses RaveCapture

  • Air Plant asks each customer to submit a photo with their review to share their custom arrangement.
  • Air Plant uses custom product questions in their in-email review form like “How often do you water your plants” to inform other potential customers.
airplant review

auto accessory Brands

Inspire other enthusiasts as they shop

Some products, like aftermarket auto accessories, require building a lot of consumer trust. Modifying a $30k car is no small decision. That’s where showcasing how real customers are using your products in real life makes all the difference.

How Nameless Performance Uses RaveCapture

  • To help customers make the right choice, they share photos on a visual carousel below the product descriptions & above their review widget of how other customers have implemented their exhaust systems.
  • With genuine customer experiences featured on the website, new customers can be confident due to the success of other customers.
nameless performance review