9 Tips to Creating Maximum Social Proof for Your Business

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Making an informed purchase decision can be a difficult task, which is why many turn to product reviews. A BrightLocal study revealed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. This is where social proof comes in; this concept refers to people’s tendency to conform to the actions of others in order to determine correct behavior for any given situation. Reviews are powerful and we want to offer tips to creating maximum social proof so you can standout among the rest.

Product Reviews: The Ultimate Social Proof for Your Business

When it comes to e-commerce, potential customers are more likely to trust a product and make a purchase when they can see that others have had positive experiences with it. This article will go through 9 strategies for boosting social proof.

Use TrustSpot to collect customer reviews:

TrustSpot is an invaluable tool for businesses that want to build trust with potential customers. It offers the ability to collect product reviews and display them on your website, as well as import reviews from platforms like Google and Facebook. TrustSpot’s main value metric is in the way it sends automated email campaigns to encourage your customers to leave reviews, thus increasing social proof.

Invite companies to partner with you:

Collaborating with other companies can be a great way to show that your business is well-regarded and reliable in the marketplace. For instance, let’s say you own a clothing line and you partner up with an established fashion influencer – this will demonstrate to potential customers that the influencer has enough faith in your products to wear them.

Interview experts or influencers:

Gathering intelligence from those in the industry can be the key to gaining trust and expertise. Having the stamp of approval from these industry authorities can serve as an impressive form of social validation.

Ask for LinkedIn recommendations:

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for professionals and businesses alike. A recommendation from a LinkedIn connection can serve as a powerful form of social proof and boost trust with potential customers. Therefore, it is wise to request recommendations from those who have had positive experiences with your business.

Product Reviews: The Ultimate Social Proof for Your Business

Provide incentives using Reward Platforms:

Businesses that want to boost the amount of reviews they receive should consider taking advantage of incentives. Maximize your reviews with TrustSpot’s incentive feature by giving out discounts and free products. Additionally, the survey functionality makes it easy to host giveaways.

Highlight case studies from customer experiences:

Testimonials from satisfied customers are a powerful tool for building trust and increasing social proof. Showing potential buyers the successful results achieved by others can help them to envision themselves using your product or service. Making customer success stories come to life can be accomplished through the use of facts, quotes, photos, and videos. To get maximum bang for your buck, make sure that you prominently feature these stories on your website and share them across social media platforms.

Trustspot’s Testimonial Gallery is a great way to showoff these case studies and easily installed onto your site with HTML code.

Make a survey and report the results:

Gathering customer feedback through a survey and then sharing the results is an effective way to boost your credibility. Surveys give you valuable information about how people perceive your product or service, which can help you make improvements. To get the most out of this method, keep your survey brief and on-topic, with a section for open-ended responses. After collecting the data, post it on your site or write a blog post about what you learned.

Product Review and Social Proof

Showcase your mentions:

Demonstrating references to your brand in the media or from influencers is an effective way to boost social proof. One approach is to set up a special “Press” or “News” page on your website, featuring a portfolio of your influencer marketing efforts. This will illustrate the worth and reliability of your product or service for potential customers.

Consider influencer marketing:

Businesses are increasingly turning to influencer marketing as a means of promotion. This involves partnering with popular social media users who act as an endorser for the company and its products. Credibility in businesses can be proven through influencers’ confidence and the utilization of products.


To sum up, product reviews are an influential type of social evidence that can assist enterprises to build trust and boost sales. Utilize the techniques mentioned prior to increase social proof and ultimately amplify your clientele.

Trustspot’s mission is to help eCommerce businesses — no matter how large or small — build social proof with reviews, UGC. At the core of what we do is helping shops achieve success through optimized customer feedback.

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